What You Will Learn About Successfully Re-Inventing Yourself & Your Career From Reading This Book

1. How to prepare for takeovers, job eliminations, terminations, and new bosses or owners who are impossible to work for.

2. How to market yourself when it seems there are no jobs available.

3. How you can re-invent yourself by moving from one industry to another.

4. How to navigate for success in today's uncertain economic times and changing market place..

5. 189 Lessons learned on re-inventing yourself and insider tips at the end of each of the nineteen chapters.

6. How to qualify for jobs you are not supposedly qualified for.

7. How tell whether a job is right for you.

8. How to empower yourself against unexpected change

9. How to write an effective resume that transfers one career skill-set to a totally different job category.

10. How to take charge of the job interview.

12. How to negotiate your salary, bonus plan, perks, and job security


1. According to the U.S. Department of Labor - this was compiled before the current recession - by the time someone reaches thirty-eight, he or she will have held ten to fourteen different jobs!

2. Out of 150 million people employed in the United States every week, some 400,000 lose their jobs and another 600,000 change or leave jobs voluntarily.

3. One out of four people employed today has been at their current company less than a year. Fifty percent of all employees have been with their current company less than five years.