25 of the 189 Lessons Learned That Are Placed at The End of Each Chapter

1. CreatIve and InnovatIve marketIng can overcome seemIngly ImpossIble obstacles.

2. Look for a good learnIng experIence regardless of what fIeld you go Into..

3. If your creatIvIty Is successful but not apprecIated, It probably makes sense to move on.

4. Expect the unexpected!

5. Never assume you have job securIty.

6. You need to make fIndIng your next job a full-tIme job.

7. A job referral can come from unlIkely sources, so treat everyone you meet wIth respect.

8. You need to fInd out fIrsthand what works and why. Equally as Important, you need to comprehend why what's not workIng Is not workIng.

9. One can often apply the successful marketIng strategIes of one category of busIness to another. If you can sell toothpaste you can sell dIamonds!

10. PerceptIon stIll overcomes realIty.

11. Almost anythIng can become marketable.

12. If you belIeve In what you are doIng don't be scared off by the bureaucratIc naysayers who always questIon and try to dIscoourage anythIng new.

13. Always hIre people who have the potentIal to become more successful than yourself.

14. Never assume that somethIng that Is doIng well Is beIng run properly.

15. Consumer feedback Is esssentIal.

16. Don't be afraId to upset your boss every once In awhIle.

17. Always support the people who work for you.

18. It Is crItIcal to be able to prIorItIze.

19. Money should not be the maIn consIderatIon for any job.

20. The more contacts you make, the more future job opportunItIes you wIll have.

21. There's no such thIng as a bad Idea.

22. Honesty Is always the best polIcy.

23. Never be concerned that someone can steal your good Ideas.

24.Never assume that top management Is aware of what's happenIng.

25. Beware of quIck short term fIxes.