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"This is the new career Bible! It's a must read for anyone who is looking for a job or a new career or just some straight forward good advice about navigating through the business world."
- Carol A Smith, Chief Brand Officer, SVP, ELLE Magazine

"There are many passages of this book that both speak to me and amaze me. I am going to re-read it, as there is so much useful information to absorb."
- Alan Goldsher, Founder, Residential TV

"It's the most refreshing, enlightening, thought-provoking and hands-on book I've read in a long time. Very inspiring."
- Richard Alfredo, SVP Corporate Communications, NBC/Universal

"The book is humerous, breezy, and a nice primer on selling and career building. I was impressed wuth the creativity of the approach. I liked the learning points at the end of each chapter."
- Paul Jampolosky, VP Oppenheimer

"I enjoyed the quick, no nonsense, common sense read of You Can't Fall Off The Floor! You nailed it with this book."
- Nick Matarazzo, EVP Sales & Marketing, Hachette Filapacchi Media

You Can't Fall Off The Floor! is a great read and a very valuable resource"
- Steve Cohen, Editor of Media Industry Newsletter

"Career advice for challenging times in a new book", July 28, 2009
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